How to view iTunes purchase history in Mac,PC or iPhone? [Updated]

You can view your apple app purchase history to keep track of your iTunes expenditure. There are two ways to see your iTunes purchase history. One of them is through the iTunes software on windows or mac while the other method using Apple’s website offers a more user-friendly version of iTunes purchase history with categories such as Books, Apps, Films, etc. Let’s learn how to access apple purchase history with or without iTunes.

[New] You can now view detailed App Store and iTunes Purchase History on iOS

Apple has finally added detailed purchase history report to the settings app, the company revealed in an updated support document today. Earlier we had to view the purchases from a Mac or PC but not anymore. In order to view your detailed App Store/iTunes purchase history follow the steps below.

  1. If you are on iOS 11, open Settings -> [your name] -> iTunes and App Store OR if you are on iOS 10 or below, open Settings -> iTunes and App Store.
  2. Now tap on the Apple ID link at the top and now tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to authenticate.
  3. Scroll to Purchase History and tap it.

If you are using Family sharing, you won’t be able to see what other family members bought. To do that you’ll have to sign in with their Apple ID.

Apple explained that the listing is ordered by the day you were charged. If you see a “Pending” heading, it means that your bank has not yet processed the payment. To get detailed information on any of the purchase, simply tap on it. There is also an option to resend the bill to the registered email.

View iTunes purchase history on Mac/PC​

This is the traditional method to view your iTunes purchase history. I would recommend you to try the second method as it works on any device and offers a more user-friendly version.

  1. Open iTunes then click on your account and select “Account Info”.
  2. Type in your Apple ID and password when the dialog box appears.
  3. Scroll down to “Purchase History” section and click “See All”.
  4. All iTunes purchases and app store purchase are combined and listed. Click “Done” to close it.

View iTunes purchase history without iTunes (iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac/PC/Android)

With this method, you can view your iTunes and Appstore purchase history from any device without iTunes. This web version of iTunes purchase history is more user-friendly. You can easily jump between categories or instantly search for purchase history of a particular app. Your In-App purchases are also listed here.

  1. Open your web browser such as safari and go to
  2. Sign in with your apple id and password. That’s it.

View your app store purchase history from iphone without itunes software.

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