WhatsApp Group Contacts Exporter (WAXP)

WAXP can quickly export all contacts from your groups to a CSV file.

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WhatsApp Group Exporter by Codegena comes with all the necessary features that you'll need.

Frequently asked questions
Is it legal?

Yes, WAXP doesn't break the WhatsApp Terms & Conditions to the best of my knowledge.

What browsers are supported by WAXP?

WAXP is supported on Firefox and all Chromium browsers.

Can I export as a vCard?

No, however you can import the CSV to Google Contacts and export a vCard from there.

How to save all the contacts to my phone?

Go to and import the CSV file to load all the contacts. If sync is enabled, these contacts would show up on your phone. If not, download the Google Contacts application on your phone.

Some contacts are missing

As mentioned earlier, WAXP is a scraping tool, so some contacts may get lost in the process. If it happens to you, simply re-run the process.

Still have more questions?

Check this How-To article

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