How to recover deleted iPhone contacts?

Apple is truly one such remarkable company that has multiple solutions to everything. Their effective data management and security systems turn out to be fruitful every now and then. You might have been looking out for iPhone data recovery tool  and even at Android devices, but when it comes to iPhone, your problems get easily solved. Unlike Android devices, here you get uncountable solutions to backup your contacts and regain them without installing any external app on the phone. It has got inbuilt programs that assist you in securely keeping your data encrypted.

Now, even if you mistakenly delete some of these contacts, you can get them back instantly with Apple’s advanced security solutions. So, here are some of the most credible alternatives.

Method 1: How to get your deleted contacts back with the help of iTunes backup

Well, iPhone users might be probably aware of the fact that, to back up their phone, they might require the data to be stored on iTunes. When you get the data backed up, you also have the benefit of securely storing it on your Mac or PC. This keeps your data encrypted and easily available till the time your PC is with you in a working state. Thus, same is the case with your contacts. If you have deleted some, then you can easily get them back through iTunes. Take up the following steps to regain your deleted contacts-

  • Open the iTunes on your system and connect your iPhone to the iTunes.
  • Now, as soon as your iPhone gets detected by the system, find out where your backup is stored and select it.
  • Now, go for the ‘restore backup’ option and choose the one where your contacts have been stored.
  • Now make the restore and check your contacts as the process completes.

However, this procedure will only help if you have made the backup earlier. Otherwise, all your data gets lost.

Method 2: How to restore your deleted contacts with iPhone recovery app

Apart from these two inbuilt contact recovery options, there are numerous Contacts recovery tools for iPhone. However, they only take up the task and perform their actions when you have made the backup of your contacts. Otherwise, in the long term, both iTunes and iCloud can fail. But to assist you in this, there are numerous third-party applications as well. These apps can be used easily as

  • These third-party apps can be downloaded from official site and can be installed on the device and sometimes on your PC as well. Then connect your iPhone to the computer .
  • These apps can retrieve your deleted contacts by scanning, but before doing so that, you need to select the “Recover Data From iOS ” option.
  • After the scan program is completed, you will able to preview all of the deleted data on your computer, Choose the contacts that you want
  • The last step, click the “Start To Recover ” option to recover the deleted contacts for your iPhone,

Method 3: How to get your deleted contacts back with the help of iCloud

This is another Contacts recovery tools for iPhone users that can assist them in storing back their deleted contacts. However, here, you initially have to confirm whether the deleted contacts are still available on your iCloud or not. For doing this, you have to go to the and log in with your iCloud account. Now select the contacts option and check whether the contacts you wanted are still there or not. If you get your data, then recovering them is quite easy. Here is the procedure for doing so-

  • Go to the settings options on your phone, select iCloud, and check whether contacts are turned on. If it is on, then turn it off.
  • Now, an option will pop up asking “what would you like to do with your previously synced iCloud contacts on your phone” select the “keep on my iPhone’ option.
  • Now, turn on the contact option again and tap on the ‘merge’ option. Now, iPhone will download back the contacts from your iCloud to iPhone.

However, here the major drawback is that you can’t choose the contacts that you want. You will get the whole bulk of contacts stored back. Also, there is a requirement of stable internet connection.

To be honest, to restore  contacts back  from iPhone , the above three methods are very effective .I’ve tried method 2 because I didn’t do any backup before data is lost, But I think it is more simple than other two methods , it won’t take too long time to recover deleted data , Still, all those who don’t wish to take the help of external apps, the other two methods are helpful to them. They can now easily have a full proof track of their deleted contacts, but only if they have made a backup. So, Use these Contacts recovery tools for iPhone and always make a habit of backing up your data at frequent intervals.

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