Goodbye Green Screen! Remove Video Background Online

Removing backgrounds from video have never been easier!

Remember the AI tool from Kaleido that could easily remove image backgrounds? Well, these people are back with their greatest and latest! This time, you can remove video background online with a single click and they call it Unscreen.

remove video background online with

Who is it for?

At present, Unscreen is more like a demo to showcase its power and ease of use. With the free version you cannot export the output as video, nor can it process videos over 5 seconds long. Also, they add a watermark so you cannot use it for anything commercial.

You can watch this video where I tested Unscreen with the video of a book. I used my OnePlus 5t to record the video and with no lighting setups. As you may have noticed, a part of my hand was missing in the subsequent frames but it can be expected from software-based systems as depth mapping is hard from a 2d input.

Unscreen is not yet ready to replace the green screen for videos with lots of movements. But with decent lighting and stabilized video, one could get pretty good results than by using cheap green screens. From our testing, we believe the Pro version could easily become a game-changer for many small businesses who doesn’t want to spend time and resources in complex green screen setups.

With Unscreen, you can finally remove video background without a green screen in Adobe Premiere, After Effects or Final Cut.

Supported Formats

The different input formats supported are .mp4, .webm, .ogg, .gif. You can also load video from a URL. When it comes to export, you are limited to use to the GIF, animated PNG sequence or zip file of single frames. There’s no video format for download at least for now. Unscreen Pro promises to offer all these features and Full HD support so let’s wait for that.

Tip: You can use an online service such as ezgif or a free transcoder application such as handbrake to convert the animated png to an mp4 file.

As a developer what’s in it for you?

Unscreen would soon roll out its API with the release of the Pro version and it’s up to each one of us to build something useful with it. Here are some of the use cases that I could think of with the Unscreen API:

  • Ecommerce websites could generate background free product videos
  • Create several video effects
  • Create plugins for AE, Premiere Pro, Final Cut
  • or build your own online video background remover tool with added features!

Whether you like it or not, AI-based tools are gaining momentum and are changing the entire workflows across industries be it replacing green screens or correcting podcasts by editing text! Technologies like these astonishes me just as it would for you and if you have something to share, please leave a comment below.

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