top five free virtual private network(vpn) softwares

Top 5 free VPN software to hide IP address

There are lots and lots of VPN software to mask your original IP address but not all are great. So we have curated the list of the top 5+ free VPN software.

Sometimes it may be necessary for you to be anonymous on the web to protect your identity. Or sometimes you may be rejected access to a particular website because of your blocked location. You can overcome all these issues by masking your identity. It can be done with the help or virtual private networks aka VPNs. The way how it works is by changing your IP address. So here are the top 5 free VPN softwares. If you are looking for VPNs for your smartphone then check out our list of the top 5 free VPNs for iOS and Android.

What is a VPN?

The answer to the question is explained well by CyberGhost in the video below.


 Why Should I Use VPN?

There are several reasons to start using a virtual private network aka VPN today. These include

  1. Stay safe. Be anonymous. A VPN masks your current IP address (Find your existing IP address).
  2. Access blocked content such as videos, websites, etc.
  3. Keep data private from hackers, governments, etc.

Top 5 Free VPN Softwares

  1. Betternet


    Betternet is the best free VPN service that I have ever used. Like the name suggests this tool actually improves our web security without taking away the user experience. Betternet is absolutely free and has no ads! The only limitation being that you can’t choose the desired region to mask your location. All other factors outweigh this limitation so it isn’t a big deal at least for some. Betternet is available for windows, ios, android and as a browser extension for chrome and firefox. A mac version of betternet is on development. This is the VPN service I have been waiting for and I would totally recommend it to my friends.
    Free download betternet VPN software

  2. Hotspot Shield

    Top 5 Free VPN Software : Hotspot Shield

    With over 200 million downloads, Hotspot Shield is top rated free VPN software. It is available as both free(ad supported) and paid version. Moreover, hotspot shield is available for various platforms including ios, android, windows and mac. Some of the top features of using Hotspot shield VPN include unblocking websites, anonymous surfing, private & secure browsing, wifi security, malware protection and data compression for iPhone and Android.
    Free download Hotspot shield

  3. Hide All IP

    Top 5 Free VPN Software : Hide All IP

    Hide All IP is one of our favorite IP masking software. It is a free windows application with lots of features. Hide All IP is also available as a portable version. Main features of Hide All IP are listed below. You can also set to automatically hide your IP every X minutes. It has features like choosing the desired location, encrypt all data transfer, access internet TV, reduce game ping, unique support for UDP applications and more.
    Free trial for Hide All IP

  4. SumRando VPN


    SumRando VPN software is a free VPN service. The free version comes with a limited bandwidth of 1 Gb. They offer a bandwidth of 10 Gb (or unlimited) for their paid versions. There is an option to choose your country even though only limited options are available. The performance seems to be quite well and no lagging has been observed. Interestingly they also have an android version which you can download for free.
    Download SumRando VPN

  5. OpenVPN

    Top 5 Free VPN Software : Open VPN

    OpenVPN is a free VPN service that is available for Windows, Mac, ios as well as Android. You will need an Open VPN account to use this software.  The free version has a limited bandwidth of 100 MB which is really low. You can get 200 MB by referring a friend to OpenVPN. You can choose from different servers to customize your location. The main drawback that I felt is the need to sign in to your account each time you need to connect to the VPN server. The software performs well. Surprisingly, there are no ads!
    Free download Open VPN

  6. CyberGhost VPN

    Top 5 Free VPN Software : Cyberghost VPN

    CyberGhost VPN is a well known VPN service. They offer both free and paid VPN service. You can also get this run on almost any of your device. You can choose from any of the free servers that are available to you. The free version has a waiting time before connecting to the VPN. The main catch is that the software auto disconnects from the private network.
    Free download CyberGhost VPN

  7. VPN offers a free VPN plan with 2GB data transfer a month. The free plan supports 3 locations including Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore. They also offer a proxy service that allows you to access blocked websites.

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