5 Ways to Unlock or Bypass online surveys,Pop-ups and more

unlock surveys, share to unlock and other locked content on the internet
[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]S[/mks_dropcap]URVEYS appear everywhere on the internet. Many of them are filled with stupid ads and fake download links. There are still some sites that have genuine surveys but they are annoying and time-consuming. If you are like me who wants to get stuff done at the earliest then keep reading this post to learn how to unlock surveys, time locked content, share to unlock content, etc.

NOTE : None of these tricks are guaranteed to work for you. This post is only for educational purpose. Codegena doesn’t support hacking or cracking.

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  1. Edit Web Pages Instantly

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    This trick will work for removing pop-ups within the same page like “subscribe to unlock”, “share to unlock”, etc. It can even work for bypassing very few surveys. To execute the trick, you will need a web browser with dev tools such as Google chrome, Firefox, etc.  Then right click on the pop-up and select “Inspect”. You will be shown the HTML source code of the site. Find the HTML code of the pop-ups by hovering on each line of the code until the pop-up alone is selected.  Even if right click is disabled on that web page, you can open the web inspector using the keyboard shortcut. It is Ctrl+Shift+I in chrome and firefox.

  2. Extract URLs

    extract urls from a webpageIf you are looking for some download links that are either hidden or locked, then this trick may work for you. With this trick, you can extract all hyperlinks from a web page including their anchor text. Open the web page and then open the web inspector just like before. Switch to the console tab and copy-paste the following code into it.

    var urls=$$('a');
    for(url in urls){
     console.log("#"+url+" > "+urls[url].innerHTML +" >> "+urls[url].href)

    Read my article on “how to extract URLs from web page” for browser specific code and for styled versions of the same.

  3. Disable Javascript

    disable javascript to see if it bypasses the surveyIn some cases disabling the javascript can block the survey, pop-up or locked content as most of it depends on javascript. To disable javascript in Google Chrome visit chrome site settings page, scroll down to the javascript section and select “Do not allow any site to run javascript” option. Now go back to the web page containing the survey or locked content and reload. If it works, congrats! Make sure to turn on javascript after the purpose. Learn how to disable javascript in firefox.

  4. Disable Popups

    Try disabling the pop-ups for that particular site and check whether the survey has loaded. If not, well done! In chrome, you can disable pop-ups on a particular site right from the URL field. Click on the little page icon to the left side of the address bar. Under permissions, select “always block on this site” option next to popups. Make sure to reload the webpage after changing the permissions.
    The procedure is almost same for firefox users. Click on the small icon left of the address bar and hit “More Information”. Switch to the permissions tab. Scroll down to pop-up section and then uncheck the default option and select block.

  5. Use Fake Name Generator

    use fake name and email to bypass surveys online.If nothing works, then you can try filling the survey but with a fake name and email. There are several websites that offer fake name and email generator. You can use Fake Name Generator along with temp-mail or throw away email. There are greater chances of completing the surveys from certain countries, so try changing the country using free VPN services before you reattempt to do the survey. Even if you manage to download files off from survey locked sites, they may be password protected. In that case, use our rar password unlock or zip password unlock tutorials for rar and zip files respectively.

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