How to Open Password Protected Zip File without password?

ZIP files are a great way to store your data. Files can be heavily compressed with zip file formats using software such as WinZip. The other major advantage of zip files is that they can be password protected and encrypted to store sensitive information. But sometimes it may cause trouble when you forget the password. Remember, there is no “Forgot Password” button to recover a zip file password. All you can do is try and try again or use a good zip file password recovery software. In this post, we will see how to open a password protected zip file without having the password.

Things You Will Need 

  • Ultimate Zip Cracker software
  • A password protected zip file

Video Tutorial


Recover lost zip password using Ultimate Zip Cracker

  1. Download and install Ultimate Zip Cracker software to your computer.
  2. Launch UZC and click on browse, then choose the zip file and click open to add the password protected zip to the software.Ultimate Zip Cracker software extracting a password protected zip file without password using dictionary and brute force attacks.
  3. From the search method drop-down option select dictionary search.
  4. Tick all the possible options from the below set of options and finally click start.
  5. Wait for the program to finish the password recovery process.
  6. If it doesn’t work then choose brute force from the search method option and click start again.
  7. This time, it may take a longer time to finish depending on the length of the password.
  8. If successful, it may pop a dialog with the password. Click copy to copy the password from the dialog.Ultimate Zip Cracker successfully crack open locked zip file using password recovery techniques.
  9. Paste the password to the zip file and make sure to remove the file name attached with the password. That’s it!

In the mean time check out, a site that assess the strength of your password and displays how long will to take it crack it.

Password Meter is another great internet utility site that lets you find out how strong is your password.

How many years would it take to crack your password? Leave your comments below.

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