These are the top 5 free VPN apps for iOS and Android

VPN apps allow you to mask your location thereby allowing you to access blocked websites and other media. But most VPN apps are expensive while the free ones are crowded with ads. In this post, I have gathered the list of the five best VPN apps for your iPhone or android phone. You should definitely check out my list on the top 5 VPN softwares for windows and mac.

  1. Betternet

    betternet-VPN for ios and android for freeThe betternet iOS and Android apps are beautifully designed. The app doesn’t give controls over location selection, however, there are no irritating ads. Surprisingly, you don’t need to register to use the app. Installing and configuring the app was so simple. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions. Once connected, it took a minute to gain the speed although I’m not sure whether that’s for me only. There are no hidden fees or bandwidth limit. It’s free and unlimited!

  2. Tunnel Bear

    tunnelbear-VPN for ios and android freeTunnel Bear app provided a very solid experience. The app is fluid and easy to navigate. Setting up the app was too easy. All I have to do was authenticate the touch id to install the VPN profile. You have the ability to change the location and that too in a very beautiful way. Simply drag the map around and tap on the desired location. However you’re limited to 500Mb/month with the free version. You can get some more bandwidth by sharing the app on twitter. More details about it provided in the app. The speed was also quite good. I liked the fact that the VPN servers connected almost instantly without any error. ¬†TunnelBear also supports Apple’s 3D touch feature and android widgets for quick VPN service.

  3. CyberGhost

    cyberghost-VPN for ios and android freeCyberGhost VPN has tonnes of features that you are gonna love. The app is fluid and well designed. There are different features like secured streaming, data compression, secured Wifi in addition to anonymous web surfing. You can choose the required country from the available options. There is also an achievement section to motivate you in using the app more frequently. I faced no troubles with connection and got a decent speed. The app gives you unlimited bandwidth and other premium features for the first seven days. You will be switched to the basic plan once the trial is over. You don’t need to signup to use their service.


    hideme-VPN for ios and android gives you free 500Mb bandwidth. You are limited to select one from 3 countries available. The premium plans however offers more countries. Country selection feature is located in the settings. In terms of speed, the app stays neck to neck with the ones mentioned below. No registration is required to use this app. Features like auto reconnect are present.

  5. SurfEasy

    surfeasy-VPN for ios and android freeSurfEasy VPN gives you 500Mb of bandwidth to start with. However, if you skip the registration you’ll be limited to just 250Mb. You can earn more bandwidth through sharing but I couldn’t find more information about that within the app. Those features may be available only for registered users. The app is not well designed. The toggle switch and country selection are located within the menu. There are over 10 countries to choose from. Luckily there is notification center widget on iPhone with quick on/off toggle, country selection and remaining bandwidth monitor! For android users, there is a widget too.

Hotspot Shield free version has not made it to this list due to its unstable connection. I could never get it connected even for one time! But you can give it a try. Private Tunnel VPN is also worth checking out.

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