How to Record Sound from Computer directly without a Microphone?

how to record sound from mac or pc directly without mic

Ever tried to record sound from a computer? If you tried recording system audio using a mic, chances are that it didn’t turn out so good. Microphones pick up background noises which can ruin the quality of the recording. With a very silent environment and a decent mic, you could record sound from your computer with good quality. Luckily, there’s is an even better option to capture system audio be it on Mac or Windows. Interestingly, this method requires no extra setups, microphones or paid softwares. It’s completely free! [sc name=”Gradient-list-nonReversed” ]

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Steps to Record Sound from a Windows PC without Mic

  1. record sound from computer without any microphone using the stereo mix feature. To enable stereo mix, first go to control panel and choose sound from the hardware&sound option.Open Control Panel and navigate to “Hardware and Sounds”. Then click on “Sound”. The sound dialog box will now appear.
  2. To record audio from computer without mic, right click and enable stereo mix from the sound dialog box.Now switch to the recordings tab. Right click on stereo mix option and click enable. Disable any other mics if any. If you don’t see the stereo mix option, read the FAQ given at the end of this post.
  3. Adjust the stereo mix level to record high quality distortion free sound from computer.Now right click on stereo mix and choose properties. Switch to the “levels” tab and set the stereo mix level to 50. This will help record sounds without any distortions.
  4. Click Ok to close the properties panel and again click ok to close the sound dialog box.
  5. Now open up your sound recorder. There is an app called “Voice Recorder” in windows 10 or you can download other from the windows store.
  6. Finally, use any voice recorder software to record sound from computer with stereo mix turned on.Play the sound with maximum volume and hit record. Disable stereo mix once the recording is over. Re-enable the disabled mics(if any).


[mks_toggle title=”Why don’t I have the stereo mix option?” state=”close”] Try any of the following steps.

1. If you cannot find the “Stereo Mix” icon on the “Recording” tab, right-click on an empty space within the box and click “Show Disabled Devices.” Right-click “Stereo Mix” and click “Enable” to turn the function on.

2. Update your audio drivers.

3. If you see an option called Mono Mix or Wave Out Mix instead of Stereo Mix, use that instead.
[/mks_toggle][mks_toggle title=”Can I use this trick to record music from streaming sites?” state=”close”]This trick will work for throughout windows regardless of what you do. But we don’t recommend ripping music from streaming sites.[/mks_toggle]

[mks_toggle title=”I can hear distortions in my audio recording. How can I fix it?” state=”close”]Lower the stereo mix level in such a way that you get maximum sound with minimum or no distortions at all. You may record a few sample recordings to find out the best mic level. The ideal value is 50.[/mks_toggle][mks_toggle title=”Can I use my system while the sound recording takes place?” state=”close”]Yes, but it’s not recommended since click sounds, alert sounds, etc. will get recorded as it happens.[/mks_toggle][mks_toggle title=”I recorded the sound but I can’t hear anything” state=”close”]Make sure to turn the system volume to maximum before attempting to record sound from computer. [/mks_toggle]

Record Audio Playback on a Mac without Mic

Before playing the video, you’ll need to install Soundflower, a free utility that allows you to bypass audio to other applications.

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