how to compress images to a particular size using adobe save for web feature in photoshop and illustrator

How to Compress images to a Specific Size?

EXAM registrations for the IIT’s and other institutes will soon begin in India and many students will come to me for help especially for compressing their photos to the size limits suggested by the websites during registration. The fact that you need to compress the image between the size limits can be quite challenging for some. There are several photo compression softwares as well as web apps available but none of them allows you to compress the image to a specific size. Adobe’s image editing softwares- Photoshop and Illustrator offers this functionality. However the feature is buried deep in the save for web option. Now lets jump on and learn how to compress any image to a particular size.

Steps to compress images to a specific size using Photoshop or Illustrator

We would be making utilize of Photoshop’s optimize images for web feature to compress images.

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  2. Click File > Open to open the photo you want to compress.
  3. Click File > Save for Web.
  4. On the right pane, click the little drawer icon next to the preset dropdown.
  5. Click on “Optimize to file size” and enter the required size in the pop up dialog box (in Kb).
  6. Click Ok to apply the selected settings.
  7. Finally hit save to compress the image.


Online Image Compression Websites

  1. Optimizilla

    highly compress your images online without downloading any software
    With Optimizilla you can compress upto 20 images at once. The tool will automatically set the compression level. However you can manually select the quality level of the compressed image. To do that, click on the thumbnail of an uploaded image. The settings pane will be visible now. Moving the quality level slider will instantly update the compressed file size indicator. They support both png and jpeg images. Open Optimizilla.

  2. Compress Now

    Compress Now is an easy to use website. The site supports GIF,PNG,JPEG,JPG formats for image compression. All you have to do is upload the image, move the slider for setting the compression level, click compress and hit download. There is an indicator which provide you the file size according to the selected compression level. Open compress now.

  3. TinyJPG / TinyPNG

    Like Optimizilla, they offer compression for jpeg and png images. You can save the image directly to dropbox or download it instantly. They offer developer API for image compression. They have a photoshop plugin which you can purchase for $50. Other products include a wordpress plugin and a Magento extension. Open TinyPNG.

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