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Disable Youtube HTML5 player and load Flash

YOUTUBE’s HTML5 player is working great for most users while for some flash is still their choice. While it is true that youtube has switched it’s players to HTML5 you could still disable youtube HTML5 player and load flash players. This trick works even for youtube embed players. All you have to do is tweak the url to load up the flash. Here is how you could do it.

URL Trick

HTML 5 :

Noticed the difference?

All you have to do to load flash player in youtube is simply replace the watch?v= with v/

An alternate and simple solution to load flash player is to add the following parameter to youtube URL. Append url with &nohtml5=1

Youtube Flash Player Embed Code

Like you did in above step, simple replace the embed url with the flash version url. Here is the syntax.

<iframe width="500px" height="294px" src=""><iframe>


<iframe width="500px" height="294px" src=""><iframe>

For quick and easy embed I would recommend using youtube embed code generator where you can customize a ton of options like changing youtube embed thumbnail,player technology,etc.

Chrome Plugin

It can be a hassle to replace the video url to load flash player every time. So there are some other permanent solutions such as using browser extensions. For chrome there is an extension called Disable Youtube HTML5 Player to force youtube to load flash every time you use youtube.

For firefox users you can use a plugin called Stop Tube HTML5.

For any help regarding this please leave a comment below.


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