The Top 25 Google Cardboard apps and games

[sc name=”Gradient-list” ][mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]W[/mks_dropcap]HEN it comes to virtual reality Google Cardboard is the cheapest option to get started. With increasing demands in VR headsets, more and more developers are jumping onto this new platform. Even though there are a tonne of google cardboard apps out there, not all are good. So we have gathered the top 25 lists of ios and android apps for Google cardboard.

  1. VRSE AndroidiOS

    VRSE is one of the best Google Cardboard apps available today. Picture shows a man wearing a Gear VR to watch VRSE app.VRSE is one of the best VR apps for google cardboard. They offer high-resolution 360-degree videos to immerse you into the virtual world.

  2. Google Cardboard AndroidiOS

    Google cardboard is the official app for google's VR headset. It offers some VR content.Google cardboard app requires no introduction here. It’s the app that Google provides to set up your google cardboard. It offers some VR content and it will also show you other apps for more VR experience.

  3. Discovery VR AndroidiOS

    Discovery VR offers amazing 360-degree videos. You can even watch them without a Google cardboard.If you like to see real VR footages, Discovery VR is the way to go. It offers stunning 360-degree videos of underwater reefs, forests, space etc. Put on your cardboard and time travel to these amazing locations!

  4. NYT VR AndroidiOS

    Even New York Times has it's own VR app. Download the app for free today to experience short documentary likes videos.Experience incredible stories like never before through this NYT VR app. New videos are added every month, so check back later if you have finished watching all the videos. For those without a google, cardboard can also watch the 360-degree videos on their website.

  5. Insidious VR AndroidiOS

    If you are an Insidious movie fan or simply a horror movie fan, then you will praise this app!If you are looking to get scared, this free app is right for you. Insidious VR allows you to be in the world of insidious. This is an amazing VR experience

  6. Google Street AndroidiOS

    Google's street view app now supports VR headsets such as Google Cardboard,gear vr,etc.Instantly travel to different parts of the world with this amazing app from Google. You also have the ability to record and share your own 360-degree panoramas.

  7. Youtube Android

    youtube 360 is an auto generated youtube channel offering thousands of amazing 360 degree videos. You can watch these videos even without a Google Cardboard.To watch the 360-degree videos on youtube, you will need an android phone. Open youtube and search for 360-degree videos. Hit play and then click on the cardboard toggle button for enabling split view. The cardboard playback feature is currently not available on iOS.

  8. A Chair in a RoomAndroid

    A chair in the room is a VR horror game!Want some horror? Then get ready to experience horror like never before. This app is also available for HTC VIVE and Oculus rift.

  9. Ascape Virtual Travel & Tours AndroidiOS

    Fast travel to any place around the globe with this free app.Ascape VR app is one of the amazing apps that provides high-quality 360-degree videos of different parts of the world. This app is highly rated on the play store and is worth the download.

  10. Fractal Combat X (FCX) AndroidiOS

    fractal combact vr is a vr game.If you like to play some games with your VR headset then this game is right for you.

  11. Full Dive Android

    Full dive is an amazing app to experience virtual reality!Full dive has over 1 million 360 degree videos for you to enjoy with your Google cardboard. They also have a collection of 360-degree photos. At the time of writing this post, the iOS app is not yet released.

  12. LEGENDARY VR AndroidiOS

    Step into the world of warcraft through this free app.Legendary VR places you at the centre of 360-degree cinematic experiences that offer a unique new perspective on some of our most exciting titles. The company behind epic films like Godzilla and Pacific Rim invites you to step inside their epic worlds and get closer than ever to the thrilling entertainment Legendary is known for.

  13. ARTE360AndroidiOS

    arte360-vr-app-google-cardboardARTE 360 is another cool app for 360-degree videos. You must separately download VR content within the app.

  14. Caaaaardboard! Android

    Caaaaardboard VR game makes it possible for you to jump of tall building without getting hurt!Ever thought of jumping off a building to experience freefall? Now you can! Caaaaardboard app for Google cardboard will allow you to jump from buildings to experience the fall.

  15. End Space VRAndroidiOS

    End-Space-VR-google-cardboardEnd Space VR is a first-person arcade space shooter built for virtual reality.

  16. Sisters VR AndroidiOS

    Sisters is a free horror VR app. You will definitely like it!Sisters VR is a true horror experience made for mobile VR. The app is free to download on both Google and iOS app stores. The app also implements directional audio for more immersive experience. If you start staring at any of the NPCs they will start reacting to it. Make sure to use headphones for more realistic experience.

  17. WAA! VR AndroidiOS

    Waa!VR-game-shooting-google-cardboardWAA! VR is a paid VR game for Google Cardboard. This game puts you in space and you have to destroy the asteroids. Luckily, the game doesn’t require you to press the magnetic switch for releasing missiles. All you have to do is focus on the asteroids.

  18. Jaunt VR AndroidiOS

    Jaunt VR app allows you to take part in music concerts right from your Google Cardboard.With Jaunt VR app, you can watch music concerts, sports, films, etc. in VR. They have a good collection of quality 360-degree videos. If you don’t have a Google Cardboard or any other VR viewer, then you can watch these videos on their website.

  19. BombSquad VR Android

    bombsquad-vr-gameBombSquad is a paid VR game for Google Cardboard. BomnSquad VR requires a very powerful mobile and an external controller.

  20. Cardboard Camera Android

    Cardboard-Camera-allows you to capture 3D photos so that you can experience it later with your Google Cardboard Why take ordinary photos when you can take stunning 360-degree photos? Google’s cardboard camera app allows you to capture 3D photos which you can view through your cardboard.

  21. Crazy Swing VR AndroidiOS

    vr-swing-appCrazy Swing VR is an amazing app for experiencing virtual swing rides.

  22. Hardcode (VR Game) Android

    Hardcode-VR-GameHardcode (VR Game) is a 3rd person shooter game for VR headsets. The game requires you to have an external controller for playing. There are both single player missions and local multiplayer mission.

  23. Hidden Temple – VR Adventure AndroidiOS

    Hidden temple is a VR adventure game. You have to solve tricky puzzles to come out of the temple.This adventure game requires you to escape from the template before it becomes your tomb. In the run, you have to solve tricky puzzles, explore secret chambers and more.

  24. Lost In The Kismet – VR Escape Android

    In "Lost in the Kismet" you are locked in a room and your objective is to get out of the room!Lost In The Kismet – VR Escape game puts you in a locked room, you have to solve puzzles and escape from the room. No controllers are required to play this game. All you have to do is stare at objects to interact with them.

  25. Siegecraft VR AndroidiOS

    To walk through this amazing virtual world download siegecraft VR for free today!Experience a beautiful fantasy world through this app. The app supports 3D spatial audio and you will need to use a headphone to make utilise of that feature.

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