Everything Android users should know about VPN apps

Understand why you need a VPN app on your Android phone.
everything andriod users should know about vpn

Smartphone VPN services, whether those on iPhone or those on Android, are a safe way to protect all your Internet activities. But, why would you need to protect your smartphone in the first place? Because hackers and other prying eyes love targeting all the private and personal data that are sent to your phone use. And, it does not matter whether you are using your cellular connection like 3G, 4G, 5G, etc., or a public WiFi hotspot, your smartphone, unfortunately, leaves you open to all possible cyber dangers. 

However, there is an easy and reliable way to protect your phone, in this case, your Android phone, and thus protect yourself. How? By using a virtual private network, or a VPN! Thus, if you want to know more about all the benefits of a VPN for Android users, as well as some handy android tips and tricks, keep on reading. 

What is a Virtual Private Network? 

When an app called Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is installed on your Android phone, it camouflages all the Internet data, traveling to and from your Android phone. All the data, both online and offline, is encrypted. That is, it is sent in a completely scrambled format which makes it unreadable.

This encryption, or this scrambled format, is necessary because you send tons of personal and private information (data) through the Internet. For instance, that data can be: 

  • All of your private emails 
  • Social media messages 
  • Various passwords 
  • Credit card and account numbers 
  • Your current location 

As you can see, all these personal and private things about you can be easily eavesdropped by all sorts of cybercriminals. And, it does not matter whether you are using a wireless or wired connection, all of your data is visible to anyone accessing the same network. This is where VPN comes in – it keeps all of your Internet activity safe from prying eyes! 

How Does a Virtual Private Network Work? 

A virtual private network uses two methods to keep your Android phone safe

  1. The first method is called encryption. As mentioned before, this method scrambles all of your data and makes it impossible for others to read. Then, encryption tunnels are formed and they are used to provide protection by isolating all of your data from the rest of the users on the Internet. Encryption tunnels are formed on all networks, both on private and public ones. 
  2. The second method is a remote server. That is, a great number of them are located all over the world. These remote servers act as the final destination for your encrypted tunnel from before.

When these two are combined, they keep all of your private and personal information safe and sound. With a VPN app on your Android phone, there is no chance of somebody snatching any of your private information. The end result is a complete level of privacy that will give you complete peace of mind. 

Why Should You Use a Virtual Private Network? 

The benefits of using a virtual private network or a VPN on your Android phone are many, but, today, we will mention some of the most important ones. Thus, here are some of the perks you will get with a VPN: 

  • No Interception – Your online and offline data is easily intercepted. But, a VPN app will encrypt all of your data and thus makes it impossible to read by those who intercepted you. It would take them hundreds of years (roughly) to figure out the encryption key. 
  • Location Privacy – Since you have your phone always by your side, it is easy for prying eyes to always know where you are. But, as previously mentioned, a VPN app will hide your location and make it seem like you are in a completely different country or even continent.
  • Remote Working – If you work with sensitive information, remote work is probably not an option. But, a VPN, can provide you with a safe connection and allow you to easily access all your documents and files without worrying about the risks of interception. 
  • No More Region-Restricted Content – Netflix in the USA is not the same as Netflix in Europe, for example. Some movies and shows that you can see back at home, will become completely unavailable once you cross the border. Again, VPN can help you with that by, as previously mentioned, concealing and changing your current location. 
  • Finding True (The Cheapest) Accommodation and Plane Tickets – Depending on where you are at the moment, you will get a specific price for a hotel or a plane ticket you are interested in. However, those prices vary from country to country. With a VPN you can easily find the cheapest prices of almost any accommodation and transport ticket. 
  • Avoid Being Tracked by ISP Companies – The Internet Service Provider companies collect your demographic data and sell them to marketing companies. That is why you constantly see the ads of the products you have just googled. A VPN app on your Android phone will be able to hide all of your private information from ISP companies. 

Which VPN Should You Choose For Your Android Phone? 

If you liked all the perks of using a VPN on your Android phone, and if you have doubts about your Android settings and whether they will increase your security at all, you are probably interested in getting an app of this kind. But, which one to choose as there are so many out there? It is easy, you should choose one that suits your needs and your budget. 

Keep in mind that not all VPN apps are the same. Some put more focus on concealing your privacy while some put more focus on hiding your address. That is why you should first think about your needs and then choose an app accordingly. Luckily, the internet is full of information about this topic, so finding out what you need will not be hard.

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