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[sc:download-button color=”black” ][sc:Gradient-list ][mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]I[/mks_dropcap]N this modern world almost everyone has a website. This makes it difficult for webmasters to market their website. The main source of traffic for websites is organic traffic (search visit). This makes it important for webmasters to optimize their websites for search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. This is where SEO comes in. Now there tons of SEO companies to do this task for you. However they cost very much. On the other side you have tons of online sites that allow you to generate SEO reports for your site but only a handful of them offers free seo audits. Here are the top 10 websites to check your site SEO.

  1. SEO Site Checkupseo-site-checkup-free-audit

    SEO Site Checkup is the best seo audit service for websites. They generate a very detailed seo report. Every issues are pointed out with the possible solution. You don’t require an account to use their service but having one will definitely increase the number of audits you can have as a free user. While other sites provide PDF report for paid customers Site Checkup do it for free. You will definitely praise the tool once you start using it! Rather than doing a full site checkup you can generate reports for particular sections like security, performance, etc. Undoubtedly it’s the best seo audit service I have ever used!

    Visit SEO Site Checkup

  2. WooRank

    woorank-seo-audit-freeWoorank generates  a very good report in a neat and organized layout. They have a bunch of extra features including download PDF of report, slides, embed option, share options, etc. The main highlight is that they generate a marketing checklist on basis of the report.  Woorank also has a chrome plugin by which you can analyse web page seo instantly. The reports are cached and you will be shown the same next time. To reevaluate a site simply click on the reload icon or enter the site url and hit review.


  3. Lipperhey

    Lipperhey offers a very comprehensive SEO report. The report is divided into sections and you can navigate to each of the sections from the navigation menu. The report looks neat and clean. You can quickly preview the critical improvements from the top menu(activates on scrolling).


  4. Site Analyzer

    site-analyzer-free-seo-auditThis is one of the best SEO audit tool on the internet. You can get 20 seo checks a month with the free account. You will be shown the page analysis score along with other important numbers. The report is divided into 6 sections- summary, SEO, content, design, performance, accessibility. Each of these has its own score therefore you can get a clear idea of where your site needs improvements. Like the rest, site analyzer also provides you a brief of the top things to improve in your site.

    Site Analyzer

  5. iwebchk

    Top 10 Free Website Audit Tools iwebchk generates a good detailed report of your site’s SEO. It gives some info on what each heading means. There is a legend by which you can toggle on/off each sections. An overall score will also be calculated.


  6. UpCity

    You can use upcity for free even without an account. The free SEO report card lacks several metrics.


  7. Marketing Gradermarketing-grader-seo-audit

    This one is simple but lacks detailed report. It has a “Learn to fix this” feature which comes handy at times.

    Marketing Grader

  8. My Site Auditor

    You can use my site auditor for free with a 10 day free trial. This site is one of the best rated seo audit tool. Unlike other site that offers SEO audit, this site allows customers to audit a specific url rather than the root domain itself.


  9. Zadro web

    Zadro Web generates a basic seo report of your site. They provide an overall seo score along with other prominent scores such as the MOZ Page Authority, MOZ Domain Authority, Google PageRank and Google PageSpeed. You can click on any of the row to get help and tips.

    Zadro web

  10. Seoptimerseoptimer-free-seo-analyze

    With Seoptimer you can get a non detailed seo report for your site for free. The site will show you the 5 things to improve in your site. However it lacks in providing you an overall score of your site. Seoptimer was unable to get the accurate social stats of my site. Sadly, they didn’t even bother to report the security status of my site.


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