Quick way to find how much traffic a site gets

Do you want to find out how much traffic a site gets? If so, you are on the right track. There are a bunch of traffic estimator tools out there. While there are so many of those only a few offers it for free. I am sharing with you two of my favourite  website traffic estimation tools.

Please note that these sites only show a rough estimation of the actual traffic.

2) Alexa

Website traffic estimator
Find traffic estimates of website with alexa

Alexa is  one of the most popular web analytics company. Their web tool allows you to view website stats including page views, unique views,etc.  You can also see other informations such as time on site, global rank, linking sites, demographics, bounce rate,etc.

To get started with Alexa go to and enter the site url at the top and hit enter.

1) Wolfram Alpha

Finding website traffic with wolfram alpha

This is one of my favorite web tool. You may already know what Wolfram Alpha is, it’s a computational knowledge engine. You can use this tool to find out a site’s stats including daily web traffic, monthly traffic, subdomain traffic, comparing traffic etc. Below are some commands to use with wolfram alpha.

Go to Wolfram Alpha and type in any of the below commands. Make sure to replace the url in the command to the one for which you need the stats.

Some Wolfram Alpha Commands for Website stats

  • Shows all the relevant stats related to website traffic
  • traffic
  • daily visits
  • monthly visits
  • annual visits
  • subdomain traffic  –  This command returns a table showing the various subdomains of that site along with their percentage share in traffic.
  • vs vs  –  A convenient way to compare website traffic againts others.
  • traffic * 5.75 days
  • site rank
  • hosting organization of

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Shan Eapen Koshy is a web developer, technical blogger and a YouTuber. He has created several web applications and has written many app scripts.

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