Top 5 Mobile Apps Everyone Must Use For Productivity and Security

The popular saying goes, “Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.” This statement particularly holds true in the case of electronic-based tasks. In a bid to do something worthwhile, it could be shocking how much of an uphill battle it is to finish well.

“The average employee is productive for only three hours daily.” – Remotely

Walking the extra mile is the difference between being okay and being excellent. That extra walk is productivity. However, maintaining excellence is a different ball game. Protecting one’s activities from third-party threats is a significant part of that game. 

“One in four mobile applications contains at least one high-risk security flaw.” – NowSecure

Some bone-chilling stat this is. It only serves to justify the emphasis on security in the modern context. As a conscious mobile user, what prospects exactly are open to you?

Mobile Apps: Foot Soldiers for Productivity and Security

Mobile phones have become integral to our lives, reaching even the most obscure aspects of daily routines. A major contributing factor to this success is the rise of mobile apps. These applications have expanded across various categories, including games, academics, religion, and fitness. And for the intents and purposes of this article, productivity and security. 

Be they for business, personal, or academic purposes, productivity and security apps offer services that cover a fair bit of ground for you. Here is a selection of the top mobile apps based on popularity and utility.

Focus Mobile Apps

The truth is that nobody ever really wants to be unproductive or less-than-productive. However, distractions are what they are – near-irresistible by nature. Peripheral and background apps on your phone are very common sources of distraction. In that case, you can counterattack with focus mobile apps. 

These are specially designed to aggregate your tasks in a single location where you can split, manage, and work on them within a set time. It is essentially an office on your phone that goes further to time your activities. Some focus apps have the feature to lock other applications, preventing you from being tempted to take a sneaky break.

Collaboration Apps

These are must-haves if you have a propensity for group projects at work or school. Collaboration apps offer a digital workspace for multiple people. You can break the project into units in the app, which can then be assigned to each member or team. Each team can carry out conversations and calls and work in-app to maximize productivity. 

They also mean confidential project information remains within the app. And since access to the exclusive workplace is restricted to authorized accounts only, it introduces an extra layer of security for you.

VPN Apps

VPNs, or Virtual Private Network apps, may seem rather shady to many. Although, it is important to recognize their value as vital cybersecurity tools. While there are people who use VPNs for unauthorized access, that’s not the only use of a VPN. The true significance of VPN apps lies in their ability to provide malware protection, safeguard online privacy and security for legitimate users and enterprises. 

VPNs work by authenticating your device with a VPN server and then constructing an encrypted pathway for internet communications to go to and from your devices. This allows you to connect to protect your data from unsecured networks or third parties and other activities like hiding your IP address.

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Antivirus Apps

Viruses and malware are well-known cyber threats, even to novices. Some antiviruses may constitute a nuisance by simply crippling your systems and damaging files. Others can do way more damage, ranging from ransom activities to total data theft. These effects made viruses some of the most-feared cyber threats for years – until the antivirus was developed. 

Now you can download and surf sites without much fear of viruses if you have an antivirus app on your mobile. These identify and attack malware threats whenever they encounter your mobile, offering great security.

Social Media Analytics Apps

Social media has gone beyond mere fun and is quickly becoming a staple in academics, business, and personal lives. There are now important numbers behind it, and leveraging these numbers could make all the difference. Social media analytics apps help you with that. 

They track and register metrics across all the linked social media accounts on your mobile. Thus, you can access the data, analyze them on the same dashboard, and discover strategies to deploy accordingly moving forward.


The importance of security and productivity apps on your mobile cannot be overemphasized. This is so much so because more and more mobile activities are being carried out. There are many more application categories that you can get on your phone – the more, the merrier. But if you need a starting point, these five deserve a look-in.

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