Backup your DVDs to Digital Formats

Use WinX DVD Ripper to backup your DVDs

Even though modern computers don’t have DVD drives, these discs are still around due to their good storage capacity and price. The only thing that concerns me about DVD discs is their unreliability. You cannot guarantee your old DVD discs to work the next time you take it for a spin. I have experienced it several times and very recently with my GTA 5 discs. Unfortunately, I was forced to download the entire 100GB of the game due to a scratch in the first disc. That’s when I thought about backing up my old DVD collection on my computer. This article will share everything you need to know about WinX DVD Ripper.

What is DVD Ripper?

A DVD Ripper is a software that allows you to extract contents from a disc and change into other formats. Isn’t copy-pasting the same thing? Not exactly! When you are copy-pasting you are making an exact copy of the disc whereas DVD rippers allow you to convert the contents of the disc to a digital format that most players and devices support.

WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is one of the most recommended DVD ripper softwares out there. WinX DVD Ripper can be used for ripping almost any disc that you throw at it including region-locked content.

What makes WinX special from the rest is the unique set of features that it offers. With the GPU acceleration and 32x real-time faster conversion speed, you can rip an hour-long video in just 2 minutes! The inbuilt editor can be used to edit, cut, and trim ripped videos. The good thing about WinX is that you can rip data discs and ISO image as well!

I did some testing with the GPU acceleration settings and results are surprising. With the GPU acceleration turned off, the rip rate was around 200fps. There was only a slight improvement in the performance when I added my processor’s inbuilt GPU to the process. However, adding my GTX 970 more than doubled the extraction rate!

WinX DVD Ripper is available for a free 7-day trial with all features unlocked. They also offer a free version of the software which only rips videos of maximum length of 5 minutes.

How to rip a DVD using WinX DVD Ripper?

  1. Click the DVD icon on the top left to open your disc in WinX DVD Ripper and select the disc.
  2. Next, select your preferred output format from the dialog box. You can rip the disc into mp4, AVI, iPhone, Android and several other formats. There is also a slider to adjust the quality of the video.
  3. You will now to be asked to select the titles to rip. Select all or the ones you like to rip.
    Clicking the small gear icon on the top will reveal a few more options for the video export. You can change the video resolution, codec, bitrate and more.
  4. Finally, choose the output location at the bottom of the interface and click the run button. Make sure that the GPU accelerator option is checked.
  • Backup dvd with winx dvd ripper
  • Backup dvd with winx dvd ripper
  • Backup dvd with winx dvd ripper
  • Backup dvd with winx dvd ripper
  • Backup dvd with winx dvd ripper (with nvidia acceleration)


WinX DVD Ripper is a recommended software for anyone looking to back up their old movie titles and organize with amazing folder artwork like I do. This particular category of softwares attract a lot of malware but WinX DVD Ripper is something you can trust. We strongly recommend you to make use of the 7-day free trial.

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