Top 5 Image Recognition API Services

Top 5 Image Recognition API Services
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Whether it’s for your personal app or for commercial purpose finding the right API services can be difficult so here are the top 10 image recognition APIs for your next big project.

#1 Clousight

CloudSight is a popular image recognition API service. They power the Camfind app. They have a live image recognition tool for demo purpose. Pricing starts from $49 for 800 requests. They also have a free plan.

#2 VuFind Recognize

Vufind Recognize is one of the other cool image recognition API service. Their image recognition works great and it could even recognize brands, fashion, etc. within an image. They offer free plans and also offer object recognition APIs.

#3 Catchoom

Catchoomoffers a variety of services like image recognition API, augmented reality SDK, image recognition SDK etc. You can try these for free without a credit card.

#6 is another powerful image recognition service. It differs from the rest with their awesome plans and intuitive dashboard. You can try any plans for free for 2 weeks. Moreover, they have a free plan too.

#7 LTU Technologies

LTU Technologies is one of the great image recognition services out there. They offer a variety of features like colour searching, image matching, image similarity, sine comparison, content tracking, etc.

#8 Viscovery

Viscovery offers eCommerce solutions for product recognition with images. Their service could also recognize books.

#9 Wazzat Labs

Wazzat Labs– Apart from the other services this a new service and is therefore not much advanced. Their image recognition lacks behind in areas like texts, vehicles and plants/animals. However, they have some other features like parametric apparel search, browser plugins, cart integration, etc.

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