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remove background from images quick and free

We all have come to a point where we need to isolate a subject from the background in an image. Be it to create a funny WhatsApp sticker of your friend or something else, firing up Photoshop for this can be overkill at least for some of us. Luckily we live in an era where computers are starting to see, listen and understand just like we do! is an AI tool made solely for the purpose of removing backgrounds from an image. This magical tool can save several hours for many designers, photographers, artists and other people who regularly need to remove backgrounds from images. One thing I like about this tool is that you don’t have to mark which area you want to isolate unlike other similar tools such as Clipping Magic.

Remove Image Backgrounds Quickly with This Free Online Tool

From the above image, it is evident that does a pretty good job in isolating the fine hairs from the background, a daunting task even for some skilled editors.

Check out their API if you want to integrate within your app. They provide 50 calls/month for you to try.

Unfortunately, their AI is trained to detect only humans and products so other objects such as cars, bikes, etc. cannot be separated from the background using this tool. And for those of you who are considering this seriously, you may want to get their premium subscription as the free plan is allowed to export only 1 HD image.

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