Top 5 Fastest Zip File Password Recovery Softwares

Zip File Password Recovery Softwares
[sc:download-button color=”black” ][mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]D[/mks_dropcap]o you have a password protected zip file? You’re in the right place then! You might have been locked out of your own files if you have forgotten the password. While it’s a bad thing to happen, don’t get upset because there are a bunch of zip file password recovery tools out there. Most of them are quite slow and are not worth the shot. We have evaluated some these zip password recovery tools and have prepared a list of the best 5 zip password reset tools. Even with this tools, a guaranteed decryption is not possible as the total possible permutations are very high. You can visit elpassword to find out the total number of possible character combinations from a selected range of character set.

Important Note: Most of the recovery tools will be detected as malicious softwares (as a virus, malware, etc.) so don’t give much attention to it unless you have downloaded it from unknown sources.
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Top 5 Zip Password Crackers

  1. Ultimate Zip Cracker Ultimate Zip Cracker This is the best zip file password cracker tool that I have ever used. It’s insanely fast when compared to the rest of the softwares and offers a bunch of useful features like auto save scan progress, password recovery wizard, etc. Some other extensions that this software supports include .arj, .exe, .doc and .xls
    Download Ultimate Zip Cracker
  2. Passware Kit Forensic
    passware kit forensicThis is the most popular software for zip file password recovery among forensic agencies, law enforcement, military organizations, and private detectives. It has a very high PPS(passwords per second) rate. The most notable feature being that the software support over 250 different file formats. It speeds up the recovery process by making efficient utilization of Nvidia and AMD GPUs. The forensic version includes a unique feature that allows you to speed up the process by distributing the workload to multiple computers. They offer a portable version that allows you to run the software directly from a flash drive.
    Download Passware Kit Forensic free trial version
  3. Daossoft Zip Password Recovery
    Daossoft zip password recovery toolThis software has all the bells and whistles required for a password recovery tool. The software is also supported on the latest Windows 10 too. Daossoft Zip password recovery tool utilizes the power of your nvidia or ATI graphics card to speed up the recovery process. Most importantly it autosaves your scan progress and allows you to resume later. They claim to have a password speed of about 1 million passwords per min although it depends on your system specs.
    Daossoft Zip password recovery tool
  4. Passware Kit Standard Plus
     passware kit standard plusPassware kit is one of the most popular password recovery software. The standard plus edition supports over 200 different file types including password protected RARs. The software lacks distributed load mechanism which is limited to their forensic edition.
    Download Passware Kit Standard Plus free trial version
  5. Zip Password Tool
    This software supports both brute force and dictionary attacks. The trial version can be used to recover passwords up to 5 characters long.
    Download Zip Password Tool
  6. Zip Password Recovery
    This software is poorly designed and lacks advanced features like pause-resume, recovery wizard, etc. The software can be used with a free registration key.
    Download Zip Password Recovery

Understanding the different Types of Password Attacks

  • Dictionary Attack:
    dictionary attack for zip password recovery
    Now that’s not the dictionary attack I’m talking about!

    The way how dictionary attack works is by checking readable words against the password. It is, therefore, faster due to lack of need for checking every possible letter combinations. Most of the softwares that support dictionary attack will come preinstalled with a default dictionary file. However, most of these softwares also support custom dictionary files through which you can manually add dictionary files. Free download a massive dictionary file with over 1,493,677,782 words for your password cracking software.

  • Brute Force Attack: brute force attack for zip file password recovery This is the most popular attack for password retrieval. Rather than a predefined list of words, this method checks every possible letter combinations for unlocking your file. Therefore it takes a huge amount of time to crack a medium length password if you have absolute zero knowledge about the password. Brute force attacks are usually done with powerful softwares such as Passware kit which supports multiple computers for distributed password recovery attack.

 Video: How to recover lost zip password with UZC

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    1. Not the worst i have seen , honestly it is too slow.
      The best tool i have used before is Advanced Archive Password Recovery – really quick.
      I have tried cRARk for Rar files but honestly i dont understand the rave about it, it is bloody slow.
      Unless i dont know ow to use it. It seems to use CUDA but it doesnt work for me, God knows why.
      Not sure of the real name because there are plenty hoax names… BUT …
      Visual Zip Password Recovery is an amazing program but sadly not sure when they update it.
      It is not that fast but it has a clever automatic mode you can use for cracking and it has a MULTI COMPUTER mode which is really really excellent.
      Just that it is slow so you may as well use Advanced Archive Password Recovery which cracks at the same speed if you had to run 8-10 instances of Visual Zip Password Recovery,
      Passware Kit is a good tool also its got other cracking tools inside it also, BUT it is very very slow.
      Accent ZIP Password Recovery is also very good, and uses both CPU and GPU power, onlty sad part is that the automatic cracking mode is stupid and doesnt return as basic password of “1234”
      It does seem to work well with Brute Force, but again i have not seen programs that are extremely quick.
      I have a good CPU but it is not being used, sadly.

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