How to convert a variable frame rate video to constant frame rate?

HAVE you ever tried to edit an iPhone generated video on your PC? If so, there is a chance that you might have experienced an issue where the audio and video goes out of sync. This happens since the video has a variable frame rate. To fix this issue, all you have to do is convert the video to constant frame rate and it is simple as it sounds. Follow the steps below to convert a variable fps video to a constant fps video.

  1. Download handbrake software from this link for free and install it.
  2. OPen the software. Click source and then click on file.handbrake_software
  3. Navigate to the video file and click open.
  4. In the destination box, enter the name for exporting and choose the destination to be saved.
  5. Under output settings, go to the video tab.
  6. Select “Constant framerate” and then select the required frame rate from the drop down.handbrake_export
  7. Finally, click start button located at the top.
  8. Wait for it to export and then open the exported file in the video editor of your choice. No more audio out of sync issues!!

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