Wrike: The Best Project Management Tool

[sc name=”Gradient-list-nonReversed” ][mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]I[/mks_dropcap]T is extremely important to plan something before you start working on it. There are many project management tools out there for you to consider. Wrike is a project management software used by several prominent companies such as Paypal, Hootsuite, Hawaiian Airlines, etc. It has all the features you need to manage your projects.

  1. Why Should you use Wrike?

    wrikeThe answer is quite simple: Wrike helps boost your productivity and saves you time. Let’s dive into some of the features of Wrike. Like every other planning app, you can create new tasks and subtasks, add descriptions, and attach files. Unlike other project management apps and online collaboration software, you can add dependencies, add users to tasks, and ask for opinions in the comments.

  2. Getting Started

    To start using Wrike today, enter your email in the link provided and check your mail for the subscription message. Once your account is created log in to Wrike and start using. It’s free for the first two weeks!
    Watch the video below to know what you can do with Wrike.

  3. Wrike Shortcuts

    Alt + Shift + N           : Create new task
    Alt + Shift + O           : Open task in new tab
    Alt + Shift + F           : Switch on/off fullscreen mode for task
    Alt + Shift + S           : Search
    Alt + Shift + .(dot)  : Assign/unassign task to yourself
    Alt + Shift + Enter  : Mark task completed/active
    Alt + Shift + [ or ]   : Search previous/next entry
    Alt + Shift + ? or ?   : Move task up/down the list
  4. Wrike vs Asana

  5. Wrike iPhone and Android App

    What good is a project management app if you can’t use it on the go? That’s why Wrike is available on many platforms including iOS and Android. Wrike also integrates with Github, Google Drive, Dropbox, Excel, etc.

    iOS App    Android App

  6. Conclusion

    If you are looking for a project management software, then definitely try out Wrike. Out of all the online tools for project management, Wrike has all the collaboration features you need to get work done on time. Their paid plans are also a perfect option to better manage your products if you’re looking for more detailed features.

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