5 Proven Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement

Increasing your Twitter engagement takes lesser efforts than you think!
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  1. 1. Keep it short
  2. 2. Use hashtags

Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites out there. With millions of users, its one of the most commonly used platforms for interacting with each other. Especially for start-ups, established business and other marketers, it plays a vital role in their branding. A lot of effort is put into developing a proper twitter base for these marketers. In fact, in some companies, a special team is set up to look after the company’s Twitter account, especially with respect to the content that is posted on their account and the kind of audience they wish to reach. Many go as far as to conduct a systematic analysis regarding their Twitter reach. In spite of all the efforts, many marketers fail to reach their target level of reach. Why is it so? There may be a lot of reasons, such as tweeting at the wrong times, excessive tweeting, boring content, etc. But we are here to make it all simple for you!

Increasing your Twitter engagement takes lesser efforts than you think! All you have to do is follow our 5 proven tips-

1. Keep it short

Twitter is now giving its users 280 characters instead of 140 for a tweet. But if you wish to increase your Twitter engagement, your tweet should be short and brief. Long, descriptive tweets will bore the readers and will, therefore, lead to loss of followers. It’s commonly observed that funny, witty tweets attract more likes and retweets. Ideally, a tweet should be of 2-3 short sentences. Anything more than that and any long sentences will defeat the purpose of the tweet.

Another important aspect is the frequency and the number of tweets. Excessive tweeting can take a toll on the readers and should, therefore, be avoided. However, one should be regular in tweeting. Few tweets daily will help in staying in touch with your followers. If your followers enjoy reading your tweets, they will look forward to them every day.

If you still want to post longer tweets (>280 chars), read this article to find out.

2. Use hashtags

use hashtags to increase twitter engagement

Use of hashtags to increase your Twitter engagement is more or less self-explanatory. Hashtags help in attracting more readers and followers. A hashtag helps people to find your tweet and thus expands your reach. However, the hashtags you use must be relevant and limited to a maximum of 2 or 3 hashtags. Too many hashtags will come off as a publicity stunt to have a wider reach and would, therefore, lose credibility.

Hashtags basically work like SEO (partially). They help in monitoring the quantity of your audience and increases the visibility of your tweet, provided hashtags used by you are trending and engaging. Hashtags are therefore one of the most efficient ways to expand your Twitter engagement.

3. Peak hours

increase twitter enagagement by posting in the peak hours

Timing is everything when you are focused on increasing your Twitter engagement. Sufficient analysis should be done regarding the peak hours and peak days. Usually, the weekends are the preferred days as Twitter has a larger audience on the non-working days. But specific peak hours are difficult to identify due to the difference in time zones. One should, however, identify the peak hours based on the target country and target age group. Generally, on an average, afternoons are observed to be the peak hours than any other time of the day.

Tweeting at the right time is essential as it would make sure that your tweet is on the top of the feed. It would, therefore, ensure that your tweet is viewed by everyone.

Although there are countless studies about this subject, when you put them into practice, the outcome can be very different. It is very important to acknowledge the fact that you will have to use your own means tofind out when is best to tweet. This is something very personal for your brand. Once you figure out the best time to achieve maximum engagement, you can start using various social media management tools to reach your audience.  Finding the edge, be it on keywords or content strategy, seamless sharing or research is vital. There are a number of tools out there that can help with that. For many years Hootsuite, Buffer, Postplanner have been the go-to tools for managing social media accounts, however many people nowadays are looking for something different and more suited for their wallet. For those who want to have the edge when it comes to Twitter, there are more affordable alternatives, which will help to keep content in circulation longer by letting you schedule your tweets, threads, and retweets. That way more people see the content and get familiarized with your brand, which will lead to allowing you to monetize your social media presence. 

4. Make it interesting

A tweet should be in such a way so as to draw the attention of your followers. It should be something your followers will stop scrolling through their feed for. But how to make your tweet interesting? Images, short video clips, gifs, emoticons, are few ways in which you can make your tweet attractive. Still, if you can’t make it catchy then simply use online fake tweet generator tool to create tweet under celebrity name.

Images and video clips help in reducing the number of characters used in your tweet. They can be used to communicate your intent through a mode other than written. Visual aids such as images and videos have more impact on the reader’s mind than written words. Similarly, emoticons and gifs add an informal tone to your tweet and can help in showcasing your personality. They help in better communication of expression and emotion.

However, images, videos, etc., are only supplementary tools. The primary focus should be on the language and tone used in your tweet and the quality of your tweet. Relatable and witty content helps in delivering the intent of the tweet. Your words themselves could have a significant impact when framed appropriately.

5. Stay in touch with your followers

It’s important to stay in frequent touch with your followers if you wish to increase your Twitter engagement. Asking for retweets helps in engaging your follows and also supplements your other efforts in expanding reach. One can also use the direct messaging feature to reply to important questions and queries. Twitter chat feature can also be used to engage their followers. Twitter chat is a terrific way to participate in meaningful debates about social causes.

Asking your followers for opinion or comments invites them to engage in a meaningful discussion. Conducting twitter polls on important social issues and issues that are relatable is a fantastic way to increase your Twitter engagement. Followers will tend to feel more included if they are asked for their views and opinions.

The above 5 tips are sure to give you a dramatic increase your Twitter engagement. Systematic, planned tweeting, with a pinch of creativity, is all it takes!

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