How the Internet Has Changed the Way We Find Jobs Today

Gone are the days when we used to head to the community job board and look for job posters. Some people would even argue that the newspaper job advert is dead too. Now we simply log in to our favourite job site and let our finger scroll through endless job listings from all over the world.

The internet has helped us find our dream jobs in any location. From landing dream jobs at Google to earning a lucrative marketing role at InTouch Games, there is a job to apply to for everyone who surfs the web. So, how exactly has the internet redesigned how we find employment? Find the answers below.

Making it Faster

Most jobs can now be applied to with the click of a button. Instead of filling out a form for each individual online role, we can use the same website to do the work for us. The best job search websites let you create a profile with a CV and other relevant information. Then, you effortlessly just send your profile to the supplier rather than repeatedly filling out application forms.

Support and Guidance

Along with websites to apply for jobs, many of them have a secondary function. They want you to land a job through their site as it is somewhat in their interest as well. This is why many of them choose to dedicate part of their online presence to bringing you top tips on how to enhance your CV, prepare for interviews and more. There are lots of great places that can support your career because of the internet.


The internet offers a wealth of information and that can play into your hands – as well as your future employer’s. They can use the internet to research you by looking up your online presence and most often your social media accounts. This type of profile checking is becoming common practice amongst employers. Some job listings will even ask you to supply your social media accounts to save the trouble.

However, research is a two-way street and you may also use the internet to find out more about the company in preparation for interviews. Or you can do your research to get the gossip on what it is like to work for that particular company. Whatever it be, we recommend that you use a VPN service to stay safe and secure in the web and to unlock many restricted opportunities and services.


While on the topic of social media, it can also play a much more positive role in how to find a job online. Some people are securing jobs without even logging in to their jobs search accounts. This is because headhunters are using websites and social media to find the talent their clients need. This may include looking at those job-search profiles but also thrifting through accounts on LinkedIn.

These are just four of the most prominent ways that the internet is reshaping the job market and creating new opportunities for making money online. The changes come at a great benefit to most of us, but those without access to the internet or those without online skills may disagree. What do you think? Read Next

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