The 3 Most Searched Developer Jobs on JobRapido

Developers can work on different projects, platforms and to a variety of end goals. These tech-savvy individuals are essential to maintain a business’s online presence and keep up with market trends. They enjoy high salaries that reflect their talents and know-how, which is why so many UK graduates and professionals are searching for developer jobs on the best job search sites.

JobRapido is one of those sites and one of the most popular for tech workers. Learn more about the developer industry’s employment landscape amidst the coronavirus crisis, this recruitment service, and the three most searched developer jobs on their platform, right here.

Employment in the Development Industry and COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK has meant businesses have been forced to close, workers are executing their responsibilities remotely, and they may have even stopped working altogether. However, not all industries have been affected equally by the lockdown. Some businesses are classed as essential and need more employees more than ever, and some are increasing their demand for new employers, such as supermarket delivery drivers, healthcare professionals and other workers classed as essential. 

It is only natural that some industries act more cautiously during this period, but that is not to say that all job openings and vacancies have been pulled. In fact, for many businesses that can fully operate on a remote basis, their current openings are still open for applications. It may be that applications do not get answered as quickly or it may mean those employed during a lockdown will be given temporary contracts until a face-to-face interview can be arranged at a later date.

The developer industry is one of those spaces where companies may act more cautiously in light of the current situation, but they are still needing workers to complete their upcoming projects and fill positions. For the most part, development jobs are one of the easiest to restructure away from the office and as a remote team. Most of the work completed is online and alike many other businesses are discovering, the likes of Zoom and Skype are becoming a useful tool to carry out meetings – or your next developer interview.

So, if you were considering hunting for a new developer job in the near future but thought COVID-19 was a reason to put your search on hold, think again. Now is still a great time to ready your applications and see what developer jobs are out there right now. 

So, JobRapido: What’s it all about?

Jobrapido is a global job search platform helping professionals land jobs in New York, London, Melbourne, Tokyo and everywhere between. It is a job site that caters to all industries and niches but specialises in high-skilled work in engineering, medicine and tech. As they offer lots of tech job advertisements, many of their users are also developers. They may be at the beginning of their career or experienced developers seeking a new challenge in a different location.

The good news is that they also advertise developer jobs frequently and with the biggest tech firms. Learn more about their platform and start searching for your dream job today.

The Most Searched Developer Jobs at JobRapido

#1: Website Developer

Website developers are needed to create bespoke websites for businesses and clients. They are one of the long-term jobs in developing, considering the success and necessity for sites in today’s economies.

#2: App and Software Developer

Apps are no longer just for companies wanting to create games for smartphones – although they still could be. More businesses are complementing their websites with apps to make their products and services more accessible when on the move. Sometimes they want apps to help with in-house processes such as task management apps.

#3: Video Developer

Video has become a crucial part of any website or marketing camping and businesses require video developers to craft excellent videos that make people take notice. You will have to be a guru with video technologies.

Save Time with Keyword Searches 

One of the best things about using JobRapido is the way their search results are generated. Unlike other job sites that bring us a list of results based on keyword terms alone, Jobrapido does things differently using AI. The site categorizes jobs like a library categorizes genres of books. This is so when you enter a search term like an app developer, you will also get results for job titles app engineers, which are basically the same job with a different title.

What this means for you is when you search jobs on JobRapido, you receive all the applicable hits in a single search, saving time – every time!

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