Reduce macOS Screen Recording File Size with this App

Here is how I compress my macOS screen recordings to just 1/10th of the total size!
record macos screen and internal audio with free apps

Mac screen recordings are pretty large and there is no reason you should keep it like that when you can compress it to 1/10th of the current size without sacrificing quality.

  1. Download Handbrake software
  2. Open the application and drag the footage into it.
  3. Select the format as mp4 and change the preset to whatever is most suitable to your purpose.
  4. If you are going to use the video for streaming online, check the “Web Optimized” option.
  5. Click on Start and wait for completion.
Reduce QuickTime Screen recording file size with handbrake

Tada! You’ll now have a much smaller video file with almost zero reduction in quality.

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