Top 5 Free Web Hosting Services

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]P[mks_dropcap]LANNING to launch a new site? Or wanna try  wordpress for free? While there are no companies that provide free unlimited hosting, there are a lot companies that provide high quality free web hosting. Let’s take a look at some of these top free web hosting services. All of these web hosting services are totally ad-free.

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  1. 000webhost
    This is the best free web hosting that I’ve ever tried. It comes with all the necessary features that you will need such as database manager, cron jobs, redirection tool, etc. You can even install wordpress with a few clicks. 000webhost offers 1GB disk space with a monthly transfer cap of 10GB which is all you will need for a small website. You can read our complete review of 000webhost here.
  2. x10hosting
    x10hosting is one of the best when it comes to free web hosting. They offer unmetered bandwidth, disk space and over 300 one click install scripts. Another notable feature is their site-builder. Of all the things, the major drawback is the lack of availiability of their service in many countries such as in India.
  3. 5GBfree
    Whether it’s an ecommerce site or a wordpress blog, 5GBfree will help you get started without spending a dime. They offer many one click install scripts such as wordpress,joomla,etc.
  4. BYET host
    BYET host is another great company that provides decent features at zero cost. Their free plan give you 1GB of free space with a 50GB monthly transfer. They have 24/7 free support which is really awesome given that it’s a free plan.
  5. FreeHosting
    With a disk space of 10GB and a massive 250GB monthly transfer freehosting is a great choice for anyone looking for free web hosting
  6. Award Space
    Award Space offers a disk space of 1GB and a 5GB monthly transfer which is not a lot, but would suffice for absolute beginners.

Bonus: ServerOrbits

Serverorbits is a new web hosting company founded by my friend that offers great plans at cheap price. As a startup bonus they have a free plan going on. Their servers are highly reliable and offers free support even for free plan. To grab the free hosting offer  visit serverorbits with this coupon code:SOFREE2015

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