start writing apple swift code directly from your iphone, ipad , pc or any device having a web browser

How to write Apple Swift Code from your web browser?

Apple has introduced Swift programming language for building ios and mac apps thus replacing the old Objective C. Now the company has made it’s new language open source. According to Apple swift language is extremely expressive and powerful. Until now, you need a mac to run swift code. Today IBM has made an online code compiler tool that allows anyone to write and compile Swift code right from their browser. Thus you could write swift code from your PC, android devices, iPhone, iPad, etc. This tool is much similar to the swift playground on Xcode.

To start writing swift code, visit IBM swift sandbox.

write swift code directly from your browserThe web compiler is still in beta stage. The compiler also gives you error codes with correct line numbers. You also have an option to quickly import code samples to try right away.

Quick Links for Swift Code Beginners

  1. Should I learn Swift?
  2. Essentials of swift language
  3. A quick start guide by raywenderlich
  4. Apple’s official Swift documentation
  5. Apples official iBooks on swift programming language
  6. offers a collection of good links to tutorials and code samples
  7. for quick reference

What do you think about Apple’s decision to make swift language open source? Will you be using swift? Leave your comments below.

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