Subscribe to YouTube Playlists

Subscribe to Youtube Playlists

Have you ever stumbled across an amazing YouTube playlist and you wanted to subscribe to it? At least a few may have, but unfortunately, there isn’t an option to subscribe to a playlist. A quick Google search revealed a few Reddit threads with the same discussions, confirming that I wasn’t the only one interested in this feature.

So how can you subscribe to a YouTube playlist?

Well, there is a Zapier integration for the same.

  1. Head over to and log in to your existing account or create a new one.
  2. Click on Make a Zap. Search for YouTube and get started with it.
  3. From the trigger events dropdown, choose “New video in playlist”.
  4. In the Setup trigger section, enter the playlist id which you want to be notified.
  5. Next, test trigger when prompted.
  6. The next step is to choose the action you want to happen when the event is triggered. In this example, we will choose Gmail as the action trigger.
  7. Choose the account and click Continue
  8. Fill the form with the To address, subject field and the body. You can select dynamic variables such as the newly added video title and more.
  9. Click Continue > Test and Continue.
  10. If the test was successful, a big Turn on Zap button will be shown.

Check the following screenshots for some reference.

If you are interested in creating this workflow with YouTube Data API, then also check out – Retrieving all videos in a YouTube Playlist Apps Script code snippet.

If you like to get push notifications to your mobile when a new video is added to the playlist, you can use a different action provider such as Pushover instead of Gmail. But first you will need to configure Pushover before you can start receving notifications.

YouTube Playlist RSS Feed

YouTube playlist offer an RSS feed and you can check a sample feed here. The problem however is that the feed doesn’t show the newly added videos nor does it return the entire list of videos in the playlist. So I’m not exactly sure why they still have this.


Can you subscribe to a YouTube playlist?

There is no official way to do this yet but there are 3rd party integrations that allows you to do it for free.

Can I use the YouTube playlist RSS Feed to subscribe to a playlist?

No you can’t. The YouTube playlist RSS feed doesn’t contain enough information to identify the newly added videos.

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