Quick way to find how much traffic a site gets

There are several reasons to find out a website’s traffic; it can be out of sheer curiosity or for professional matters, such as evaluating before sponsoring an article/ad on a site. Some of these tools are free while others are not. The following are a few of the ones I have tested.

Please note that these sites only show a rough estimation of the actual traffic.


Neil Patel’s UberSuggest is an excellent tool for SEO professionals. It includes a traffic analyzer and you can use just that. Though UberSuggest is not completely free you can use it lightly at no cost. Not only does UberSuggest show the traffic count but also a graph of the traffic trend, best performing pages, keywords and more.


As pointed out by AlxMin in the comments, HypeStat is a very detailed tool to get information on any site. It shows traffic data, country wise breakdown, etc. and technical details such as Google’s pagespeed scores, HTTP headers, whois data, and more.

Alexa Site Analyzer

Alexa is one of the most popular web analytics company. Their web tool allows you to view website stats including page views, unique views, etc.  You can also see other information such as time on site, global rank, linking sites, demographics, bounce rate, etc.

Wolfram Alpha

The odd one out among the other tools. If you don’t already know WolframAlpha, it’s a computational search engine. Wolfram powers many of Siri’s queries. Wolfram can do a million things and one of them is to estimate a website’s daily or monthly traffic. You can also compare multiple website traffic quite easily. But WolframAlpha shines when you throw some interesting queries at it, like (codegena.com daily pageviews) * 30. Wolfram will fetch the pageviews, do the calculation, and return the value. This a pretty basic example but do try out WolframAlpha and post any interesting findings in the comments.

Given below are few other commands to use with WolframAlpha.

Wolfram Alpha Commands for Website stats

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