Multiple URL Opener

Paste the text containing the URLs below and hit the button below. Make sure that adjacent urls are separated by space or comma. Also allow this site to open pop ups.


    What is Multiple URL Opener?

    Multiple URL Opener extracts links from a chunk of text and converts it to clickable links. You can also open all of the URLs at once without having to open one by one.

    Why are my URLs not detected correctly?

    Extracting links from a chunk of text is a difficult process since there are a variety of URL formats. Sometimes the tool may extract incorrect URLs especially when there is no spacing between links. Isolate the links by adding spaces after and before links for improved extraction.

    Why is the "Open All Links" button not working for me?

    Since this tool automatically opens multiple links, the browser may block pop ups which causes the tool to not function properly. You can fix it by allowing pop ups from the settings.

    Can I add this tool to my website?

    Yes, you are allowed to add this widget to your website but please give us a credit with a backlink. Here is the embed code:
    <iframe src="//" height="471" width="810" style="background:url('//') white center center no-repeat;border:0px;"></iframe>