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    What is Blogger Conditional Tag Wrapper?

    Blogger Conditional Tag Wrapper is a tool built by Shan Eapen Koshy inorder simplify wrapping conditional tags. Lets say you want to add your adsense code to a specific page of your blogger site, all you have to do is copy paste the adsense code into the field provided. Then choose the condition and click "Encode & Wrap" option. It's that simple. No more hunting down for blogger conditionals!

    What is the difference between "Wrap" and "Encode & Wrap"?

    Wrap function simply wraps the code with the selected conditional tag whereas the encode&wrap option parses the html and then wraps it with the conditional tag. It becomes useful in situations such as pasting adsense codes directly into blogger templates

    How to combine conditional tags with #OR #AND #NOT operator?

    You can combine multiple conditional tags using the OR,AND & NOT operators. To learn more about them visit this page - Github:Blogger Conditional tags

    Can I add this tool to my website?

    This tool was built for all the blogger users out there. You are free to embed this tool to your website provided you give credits to us. Here is the embed code for this tool.
    <iframe src="//" height="588" width="1000" style="background:url('//') white center center no-repeat;border:0px;">