HTML editors are softwares that allows you to execute HTML codes. There are several HTML editor softwares like coda(mac), adobe Dreamweaver, etc. These softwares are not free and not all has live preview capabilities. Thus, it is a time wasting and boring task to run the code and wait for the preview. And if you are someone who travels a lot, then you have to carry your project files with you. The answer to all these questions is online HTML editor. With online HTML editors, you can see the live visual preview of the code you write, save your project online, host your assets, etc. Here are the best free online HTML editors.


    1. Codepen

      codepen html editorCodepen is my favourite HTML editor. I switched from desktop software to codepen the day I started using it. It has a very clean design and you can see code preview as you type them! Each project is called a pen and it is shared with the codepen community. Thus you can get inspired by others work. If you don’t indent to share your project with others, you can use the private pen feature in the pro version. The pro package also features asset hosting, teamwork, live cross-device preview,etc.  You can start using codepen even without an account. The editor themes can be changed to light or dark from your account settings. You can easily add javascript & CSS libraries from the settings pane. They offer a free 14 day trial of the pro version which you should definitely try(no credit card required). You can export your project as a zip file. The HTML coder in you will definitely like this!


    2. JS Fiddlejsfiddle-online-html-editor

      JSfiddle is one of the most popular web HTML editors. It is heavily used by stack overflow community for code demos. The editor is neatly organised into HTML, CSS , Javascript and output sections. You can save, validate and beautify your code with this great site. What’s more interesting is that you can collaborate with your friends by sharing a link!  The editor lacks dark theme support which is really good to stare at. It also lacks export functionality but it can be expected in the beta version. The site is still in the alpha stage.

      Open JsFiddle

    3. Js Binjsbin-visual-html-editor

      JS Bin is another popular web-based HTML editor. It was launched back in 2008. They support HTML, js and CSS preprocessors. The editor is perfectly designed to make use of your extra wide space and it also has a console section. You can close unwanted sections and thus make room for others. You can export your project as a gist or download a .html copy. You can make your project private by opting for the pro version. Screenshots can be made right from the menu.
      Launch JS Bin

    4. HTML Instant

      html-instant-editorLike the name suggests you can get things done more quickly with this WYSIWYG HTML editor. The site is funded by ads but you can hide them with just a click. Most HTML elements can be added quickly from the visual toolbar.  This site is perfect for anyone looking for an online visual HTML editor. They also offer a chrome extension. The major drawback with this tool is that it lacks syntax highlighting, a useful feature for code editors.
      Open HTML Instant

    5. Coding Ground

      coding-ground-html-5-editorCoding Ground has a variety of online code editors. One of them is their online HTML, 5 editor. The tool is very responsive and loads quickly. Unlike others, this site offers a project pane for managing your files. You can upload your project assets, see code previews, etc, for free! The editor supports all the popular themes. It’s more like a desktop software with tabs and project panes. The editor has some cool features like auto tag closing, multi-line typing, etc.

      Visit Coding Ground HTML Editor

    6. CSSDeck HTML Editor

      CSS Deck html creator CSSDesk HTML code editor is perfect for anyone looking for a fast loading online HTML editor. The tool is free and is supported by ads. The ads took up a portion of the bottom space and it can be removed by signing up for an account which is also free. You can save, embed, share full-screen previews with this great tool. CSS Deck also supports pre processors and has a code validator too!

      CSSDeck Web HTML Editor

    7. Code Anywhere

      codeanywhere-web-ideUnlike other tools code anywhere  is quite different. They have a very powerful IDE with all the bells and whistles. It’s an online sublime editor! This beast has a code completion feature and also packs code revision feature. The other cool features include autosave, auto highlight, code folding, change casing, find and replace, code beautify, etc. The site also offers pair programming. However, you will have to sign up use this tool for free. It could take some time for you to get familiar with the workspace.
      Launch Code Anywhere

    8. HTML Edit

      HTML Edit has been my personal choice for more than a year. The site loads extremely fast. They have instant preview feature aka live preview. Moreover, they also support HTML 5. Another advantage includes resizable preview and coding area. Lastly, it is completely free and is ad free.

      Open HTML Edit

    9. Dabbletdabblet-html-css-js-editor

      Dabblet is another great site for compiling HTML,CSS and js. The site is free to use and doesn’t require you to sign up to use the service. Different layouts are available for the editor. Your projects can be saved as your GitHub gist or as an anonymous gist. The editor supports a tonne of keyboard shortcuts too.

      Try dabblet Editor

    10. W3Schools HTML Executer

      W3Schools offers a basic HTML executer. It’s the same editor that they offer in their code examples. There is an ad at the top which can be distracting. The editor lacks live preview.

      Visit W3Schools HTML Executer

    11. Bonus: HyperDev

      HyperDev is a new online code editor site. You can use the editor without creating an account. The site is still in its beta stage but give it a shot!




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